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    Are you looking for safe, natural, and effective relief for your chronic pain? If so, then we have the treatments you are looking for at Advanced Rehab and Medical, PC! We offer an extensive lineup of diagnostic, non-surgical treatments, and pain management services that can be customized to your needs. Let us help you discover the source of your problem and fight it in the most effective manner possible!

    Explore the links below to learn more about chiropractic care and other wellness services:

    • Chiropractic care: Our integrated wellness clinic offers chiropractic care for a wide range of medical conditions. Allow us to assist you today!
    • Back pain : Whether your back pain is caused by osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, a sprain, or something else, we can provide you with effective chiropractic treatment options.
    • Knee pain : Our knee pain treatment method directly targets the source of your pain and discomfort without the use of medication or surgery.
    • Peripheral neuropathy : Let us help you fight complications associated with peripheral neuropathy, such as weakness and numbness to debilitating pain.
    • Carpal tunnel : Want to get back to using your hands for everyday tasks? Ask about our natural, non-surgical pain treatment option for carpal tunnel syndrome.
    • Spinal decompression : If you have a slipped or ruptured discs or another spinal condition, spinal decompression may be the perfect pain management solution for you.
    • Headaches and migraines : We implement the use of medical and therapeutic/chiropractic methods in an integrated approach to fighting your headaches or migraines.
    • RRT-Rapid Release Therapy- Rapid Release Therapy is a breakthrough in therapeutic technology. Many types of chronic pain have been identified, however many with chronic pain do not have a clinical diagnosis from their doctor. Scar tissue is frequently the culprit in this un-diagnosed pain.
    • Fibromyalgia : Combat your fibromyalgia symptoms with a pain management plan that is customized to your specific needs.
    • Weight loss : Experience an entirely new type of weight loss program. Take advantage of our natural and effective weight loss approach that can help you quickly shed pounds and feel healthy again.
    • Immunotherapy : With our immunotherapy treatments, you can permanently suppress responses to specific allergens, eliminate discomfort during allergy season, and improve your quality of life.
    • Digital X-ray : Our digital x-ray machine can quickly and accurately diagnose the source of your pain. We use state-of-the-art technology at our practice.

    Call our office now at (731) 664-6998 to learn more about the services we offer!

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