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What is immunotherapy you ask?

Immunotherapy treatments are custom mixed natural protein solutions that desensitize your body’s immune response to the allergens that affect you most. We are able to identify your most severe allergies through testing and then create a custom immunotherapy treatment program for you. The best part is most of the treatments are done right in the comfort of your own home. Studies show that allergy treatments can also prevent people from developing new allergies, and reduce the risk of developing asthma in children with nasal allergies. Allergy treatments use only the proteins that trigger allergies as a way to permanently desensitize the body’s reaction to nature.

  • Allergy testing will inform you of what specifically causes your allergic reactions.
  • Permanently suppress the allergic response to specific allergens.
  • Immunotherapy will eliminate the discomfort of seasonal allergies.


  1. TEST - Test for the 58 most common allergens in our area. Each test is custom created for the allergens in our region.
  2. DIAGNOSE - Determine if you are a good candidate for immunotherapy. Diagnose what you are sensitive to and recommend treatment options.
  3. TREAT - Enroll yourself into the Allergy 123 immunotherapy treatment program. Permanently desensitize yourself to specific allergens.

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