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Peripheral Neuropathy

Don’t let pain control your life!

Peripheral neuropathy, a condition caused by damage to your peripheral nerves, can produce debilitating pain in numerous areas of the body. Our Jackson integrated wellness clinic employs professionals who are trained to provide various types of therapeutic treatments that target the source of the pain. As a result, our team can provide you with the relief you need to function in your daily life! Avoid the hassle of complicated surgeries and potentially dangerous medication by receiving customized treatment from Advanced Rehab and Medical, PC!

Some of the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy include:

  • Weakness, numbness, and / or pain in the hands and feet
  • Cramping in the legs
  • Pain during walking
  • Difficulty sleeping

Ask about our Jackson peripheral neuropathy treatments!

Don't allow peripheral neuropathy dictate how you will live your life. Effective treatment options are available from our team of skilled medical and rehabilitation professionals. Call us at (731) 664-6998 to learn more about how we can help manage your pain and get your life back on track.


When I came here, my feet were extremely numb, and this was negatively impacting my life. Over the past 3 weeks, the numbness has decreased, and I feel much better. The staff has been extraordinarily courteous and kind. I recommend the treatment without reservation!
Gary R. Smithson, M.A., L.A.D.C

Since my first visit to Advanced Rehab my back has improved 100%. I was not able to stand over 5 minutes without sitting down due to so much pain in my back. I am able to get up from a seated position a lot better. I can ride now on trips where before it was very painful due to my back. Also, I am getting feeling back in my feet and legs where before they were all numb. The staff here is very friendly and helpful. They are always happy to see me and help with my therapy. The program that Dr. Bone put me on is working very well and has helped me improve very much.
Jerry Latham

From my first visit I started with tingling and burning in my feet and lower legs, also numbness in my feet. After about three visits I began to feel my feet again and this has continued to get better. The tingling has improved as well as the burning. Thanks to this great staff and Dr. Meagan.
Jimmy L. Copous

I had a problem with my feet burning and tingling for a number of years. I couldn't play golf and finish a round of golf for my feet hurting. I went through PEMF and my feet are doing so much better. I can't wait for the golf weather to get better, so I can get to golf and finish a round. Amen
Terry Plunk

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