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Hormone Imbalance in Jackson, TN

When you suffer from a hormone imbalance, your life can be negatively impacted in numerous ways. Your emotional well-being and your physical health are dependent upon your hormones regulating your body to behave properly.

A person produces many different hormones, including thyroxine, insulin, estrogen, and testosterone. The latter two are generally associated with women and men, respectively, but both genders produce each of the hormones. As you age, the production of these hormones can lessen, bringing on diseases, behavioral changes, and mental health issues. Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy can help rebalance the body’s hormones in as natural a way as possible. If you recognize any of the following signs and symptoms in yourself, we can help improve your life.

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Low Testosterone Signs

The most commonly known signs of low testosterone in men have to do with their sexual health. While a low sex drive, or libido, and erectile dysfunction (ED) are concerns, more serious effects can result from a lower level of hormone production.

You may notice that you always feel tired. Chronic fatigue is one of the lesser-known symptoms of low testosterone. If you are gaining weight more rapidly, but losing muscle, this may also be due to low-T. Mental and emotional consequences range from depression and irritability, to brain fog and lower mental capacity. Sudden mood changes can arise from the same condition. And, even though it is more readily associated with women, men can experience decreased bone mass.

Some potentially fatal medical conditions have been shown to be associated with low testosterone. Left unchecked, low testosterone may lead to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, and increased alcohol use. Anxiety and stress may also affect those with a lower level of testosterone. You don’t have to live with these uncomfortable and harmful effects; hormone therapy can get you back to your old self.

Symptoms of Women Hormonal Issues

Women’s estrogen levels dramatically decrease with the onset of perimenopause and menopause. Having a hysterectomy can also alter your hormonal level. If your menstrual cycle has stopped prior to your journey through menopause, you may have low estradiol.

You may know about the night sweats and hot flashes, but other symptoms can, and do, occur. If you’re becoming more anxious or irritable than usual, either of these emotional reactions could be an indicator of reduced estrogen in your system. Clinical depression is a mental illness that may be brought about by lower hormone levels.

Difficulty sleeping, weight gain, and a decrease in your sex drive may also stem from a hormonal imbalance. Most of your body may feel overheated, but your hands and feet might feel like ice. Additional potential indicators of low estradiol are an increase in urinary tract infections, and pain experienced during intercourse. Should you have any of these symptoms, especially after you’ve gone through menopause, reach out to our staff to put yourself on a path to recovery.

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