Time I Practiced What I Preach

Have you ever wondered why you are comfortable being in pain? Neck, knee, wrist, shoulder… any of these and more. For me, it’s low-back and leg pain. Severely herniated, ruptured and protruding, were the 3 words used to describe my little jelly doughnut in my spine at L4/L5 with Sciatica according to the plethora of primary care doctors I’ve seen. How long have I dealt with this, oh I would say going on almost 5 years now, crazy I know. You want to know what is even more insane? I work in a very busy and popular chiropractic office that treats this kind of thing and has A LOT of success at it! So why am I still suffering? Like most of you, I have my excuses. There is the classic, “I don’t have enough time in my day to go to the Dr.” excuse. The “Eventually it will get better on it’s on” excuse…. ummm you do remember me saying I have been in gut wrenching pain for like forever now. One if my all-time favorites is the “Where’s the Tylenol? “excuse might I add… the pain ALWAYS comes back when the meds where off. Sometimes, they don’t even help at all. Lastly, “What if when I start treatment it gets worse” excuse. I have a family to support, I can’t become disabled now!

I do the Community Outreach for our clinic, meaning that I go out and talk with members in our community about their musculoskeletal issues and educate them on how chiropractic can be of help. Just the other day it struck me, I am just like the people I talk too. I make excuses why I should live in pain…CRAZY! I need to practice what I preach and I need to see my chiropractor.

Let me encourage you to follow my weekly blog, as I take the fear out of chiropractic and dive headfirst into care for my back pain. I promise, you will get nothing but honest and real experiences. I will be giving insight to the process, fears, treatments, and outcomes as I journey through chiropractic care. I welcome you to share your questions, comments, and concerns with me. Let’s tackle this issue together!

Until again,


The purest form of insanity is to leave everything the same and at the same time hope everything will change. ~ Albert Einstein

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