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Got Plantar Fasciitis

Let us help you walk comfortably.

Nearly 2 million Americans suffer from heel pain each year and one of the most common forms of this debilitating pain is Plantar Fasciitis. At Advanced Rehab and Medical, PC we have treatments available to help you!

So, what is Plantar Fasciitis?

Most commonly it is described as a sharp stabbing, burning, or aching pain in your foot or heel upon standing. The fascia is a fibrous band of tissue that runs between the heel bone and your toes and stretches with every step. Inflammation can occur anywhere along the inner, outer, or transverse areas of your foot. This means that you can feel pain from the base of your heel, inside of your foot, or worse, along the entire bottom of your foot.

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How is Plantar Fasciitis Caused?

Plantar Fasciitis has two types of causes. One cause of Plantar Fasciitis is improper footwear. From flip-flops to high- heels to wore-out shoes, the soles of your feet need support. Another cause of Plantar Fasciitis is injury. This could be from your foot, hip, or knee or even your low back and pelvis. Our doctors do a detailed and thorough evaluation to see what underlying conditions may be causing your pain.

So, How Can We Help You?

Here at Advanced Rehab and Medical, PC we offer many treatments for Plantar Fasciitis. We don’t just treat the symptoms but rather address the problem. We offer custom orthotics, direct massage of the area, ultrasound, chiropractic manipulation to the foot and sometimes ankle, knee and low back or pelvis. Rapid Release Technology, a non-invasive therapy that breaks up scar tissue and helps improve circulation and healing is another common treatment as well as cold-laser therapy that help to accelerate the healing process.

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Does TMJD Pain Have You Down?

Maybe it’s time to try something new…

At any given time, over 35 million Americans are affected by TMJD. At Advanced Rehab and Medical we want you to know that we offer non-invasive, non-surgical treatments for TMJD.

What is TMJD?

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction or most commonly referred to as TMJD or TMJ, is a set of conditions characterized by pain in the jaw joint and surrounding tissues and limitation in jaw movements.In a normal temporomandibular joint there is a small disc located at the top of the mandible that cushions the joint and prevents the mandible and temporal joints from rubbing together when the jaw is closed. When it opens the disc slides forward and continues to protect the jaw.

The Root of the Problem

In people with TMJD the disc is no longer protecting the bones from rubbing together, the disc often slides too far forward causing a clicking and pain in the joint.

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Symptoms Include:

  • Pain
  • Popping and Clicking When Opening Mouth
  • Inability to Open Mouth
  • Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Ear Fullness or Itchiness
  • Discomfort in Everyday Activities, i.e. Talking, Chewing, Kissing

How is TMJD Caused?

Although major trauma such as a car accident can certainly cause TMJD, more commonly it is caused by daily repetitive micro-traumas, i.e. poor posture in the neck, shoulders, or jaw, or by having an overbite. In fact, research has shown a correlation between forward head posture, overbite, and TMJD.

How Can We Help You…

We offer patented techniques to decrease pain, increase range of motion, and improve posture both in the spine and in the jaw itself. We have the latest technology to treat the condition in Jackson, TN. We offer Rapid Release Technology (RRT) which is a targeted high-speed vibration therapy to break up scar tissue as well as Cold Laser Therapy which is used to penetrate into the joint and speed up the healing process and other treatments as well.

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What is Rapid Release Therapy?

Rapid Release Therapy is a breakthrough in therapeutic technology. Many types of chronic pain have been identified, however many with chronic pain do not have a clinical diagnosis from their doctor. Scar tissue is frequently the culprit in this un-diagnosed pain. Repetitive motion, injury and surgery can result in the formation of scar tissue. Since there are no blood vessels that nourish this fibrotic tissue, it dies, becoming rigid and inflexible, impinging nerves and impairing normal movement. These are also known as adhesions.

How Does it Work?

RRT’s Scar Tissue Therapy targets brittle scar tissue with the shearing force of planar waves that resonate with scar tissue. This has many benefits including what we believe to be a method of quickly and painlessly break up scar tissue.

Scar Tissue Therapy is focused on relief of soft tissue problems. These soft tissue problems affect nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Some conditions caused by scarring of soft tissues are:

  • Muscle Spasms, TMJ
  • Tendonosis, Tennis Elbow
  • Trapped Nerves, Adhesions
  • Range of Motion
  • Neuromas and Adhesions
  • Shoulder, Ankles and Neck
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Contractures

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