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Peripheral Neuropathy

Don’t let pain control your life!

Peripheral neuropathy, a condition caused by damage to your peripheral nerves, can produce debilitating pain in numerous areas of the body. Our Jackson integrated wellness clinic employs professionals who are trained to provide various types of therapeutic treatments that target the source of the pain. As a result, our team can provide you with the relief you need to function in your daily life! Avoid the hassle of complicated surgeries and potentially dangerous medication by receiving customized treatment from Advanced Rehab and Medical, PC!

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Some of the Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy Include:

  • Weakness, numbness, and/or pain in the hands and feet
  • Cramping in the legs
  • Pain during walking
  • Difficulty sleeping

Ask About our Jackson Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments!

Don’t allow peripheral neuropathy dictate how you will live your life. Effective treatment options are available from our team of skilled medical and rehabilitation professionals. Call us at 731-664-6998 to learn more about how we can help manage your pain and get your life back on track.

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Don’t Let Diabetes Control Your Life and Steal Your Future!

Do you or someone you know have diabetes or are you pre-diabetic? Are you fearful of what that means to you for the future?

Have you been told that there is no hope? Have you continued to take medication as your disease spirals out of control?

We have good news for you! At Advanced Rehab and Medical we are bringing BREAKTHROUGH information and treatment to diabetic and pre-diabetic patients who want to learn how not to just control but REVERSE Type II Diabetes. Using specific protocols we are changing the lives of our patients and helping people re-define their health.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease and blindness in the United States. It is also one of the main contributors to stroke, heart disease, dementia, amputation and ultimately death.

Don’t be a statistic. Take control of your health and your life today. Call us today at 731-664-6998 to inquire about one of our monthly diabetic informative dinner talks. It’s a great way to get all of your questions answered . Please note that we do not accept all patients in this program. We are very selective based on health history, need and most importantly motivation for change. If you are ready for change, call and set up an appointment to have dinner on us.

By focusing not on blood sugar, a symptom of diabetes, but Insulin Resistance, which is the true cause of Diabetes (Type II}, we are helping people change their lives thru lifestyle change, nutrition and supplements and dietary consulting, all with the help of a dedicated staff and a personal coach.

People just like you are getting off meds, reversing their condition, increasing their energy levels and losing weight in a natural, healthy and sufficient way. Most of our clients are seeing results in 3-4 months.


Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation Today!