Week of: Monday, March 13th, 2023

“Make a difference today 
for someone who's fighting 
for their tomorrow.” 
~ Jim Kelly

Health Alert: Traffic Noise May Contribute to Tinnitus Risk.
Following an analysis of data concerning 3.5 million Danish adults, researchers report that for every 10-decibel increase in noise in an individual’s home from nearby roadways, the risk for tinnitus increases by 6%. The research team speculates that traffic noise may indirectly affect tinnitus risk as living near a busy road may affect sleep quality, which has been linked to the condition.
Environmental Health Perspectives, February 2023

Diet: Health Benefits of Eating Fish.
Healthline reports that fish is high in important nutrients, and regularly eating fish may lower the risk of heart attack and stroke, aid fetal and infant development, boost brain health, improve vitamin D status and sleep quality, reduce the risk for autoimmune diseases and asthma, and protect vision in old age.
Healthline, January 2023

Exercise: Vitamin D Reduces Muscle Inflammation and Pain Post Exercise.
A systematic review that included ten studies concluded that taking a minimum dose of 2,000 IU of vitamin D for longer than seven days can help reduce post-exercise muscle damage and inflammation.
Journal Of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, September 2022

Chiropractic: Back Pain Increases Frailty Risk in Older Women.
Frailty is a condition characterized by weakness, slowness, physical inactivity, self-reported exhaustion, and unintentional weight loss that is associated with an increased risk for poor health outcomes. In a recent study, researchers observed that older women with low back pain were 2.83 times more likely to develop frailty over the following year, especially those with greater pain intensity or disability.
European Geriatric Medicine, February 2023

Mental Attitude: Cancer Increases Suicide Risk.
Researchers report that the risk of suicide increases seven-fold in the six months following cancer diagnosis and remains 26% higher than the general population over time. Study author Dr. Xuesong Han adds, “Our findings highlight the importance of timely symptom management and targeted interventions or suicide prevention in individuals with cancer.”
JAMA Network Open, January 2023

Wellness/Prevention: Summer Footwear Can Cause Problems.
As the warmer months approach, the American Podiatric Medical Association notes the risk of injury can increase with the following footwear choices: sprained or twisted ankles from wedges or espadrilles; bunions and hammertoes from peep toe sandals; poor support, heel pain, and arch pain from flats and slides; and calluses, poor support, and irritation between the toes from strappy or lace-up sandals.
American Podiatric Medical Association, January 2023

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