Week of: Monday, January 15th, 2024

“The way to get started 
is to quit talking 
and begin doing.” 
~ Walt Disney

Health Alert: Syphilis Cases in Newborns Have Jumped Dramatically in Recent Years.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 3,700 babies in the United States were born with syphilis in 2022, a ten-fold increase from 2012. The CDC notes that timely testing and treatment during pregnancy can prevent 90% of congenital syphilis cases, underscoring the need for improved public outreach and screening.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, November 2023

Diet: Cutting Glutamate May Reduce Odds for Post-Brain Injury Mood Disorders.
For patients recovering from traumatic brain injury (TBI), a recent study found that reducing glutamate intake may reduce the risk for post-TBI depression and other mood disorders. Some common dietary sources of glutamate include soy products and processed food products and additives, including MSG.
Nutrients, November 2023

Exercise: Adding Brain Games along with Tai Chi May Provide Greater Benefits to Seniors.
Past research has shown that tai chi interventions can lead to better cognitive and physical health outcomes among older adults, and now a new study has demonstrated that combining tai chi with cognitive challenges may lead to even greater benefits. It’s hoped this new hybrid intervention can reduce the risk for falls among seniors, which can help them remain independent longer into old age.
Annals of Internal Medicine, October 2023

Chiropractic: Nearly a Third of Adults Have Shoulder Pain.
Among a group of 1,128 middle-aged adults, 31.4% reported experiencing shoulder pain within the previous month. Further analysis revealed that those whose work activities included physical or heavy manual labor were 66% more likely to have shoulder pain. Doctors of chiropractic frequently treat patients with shoulder pain using a multimodal approach that combines manual therapies and specific exercises.
Chiropractic & Manual Therapies, November 2023

Mental Attitude: Brain Injury Linked to Later Heart Risks.
Using the Taiwan's National Health Insurance Research Database, researchers report that men with a history of traumatic brain injury (TBI) have a 14% increased risk for heart failure. Additionally, women under age 50 with a history of TBI have a 32% elevated risk for coronary heart disease.
PLoS One, December 2023

Wellness/Prevention: Shark Healing Ability May Help Humans.
Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and the Marine Biological Laboratory note that shark skin has exceptional wound healing abilities, which may lead to the creation of novel wound-healing treatments inspired by shark skin properties.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, November 2023

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