Week of: Monday, July 17th, 2023

“Successful people breed success.”
~ Phil Crosby

Health Alert: Blood Pressure Management Saves Lives.
Among a group of 9,361 middle aged and older adults with hypertension and at least one additional risk factor for cardiovascular disease, researchers observed that those able to bring their blood pressure under control were 27% less likely die in the following three years.
American Journal of Hypertension, June 2023

Diet: Flavanols May Have Role in Frailty Prevention.
Flavanols are compounds found in fruit and vegetables that can help prevent cellular damage by neutralizing free radicals. While protein intake is often emphasized to help older adults maintain their muscle mass, a recent study found that increasing one’s daily flavanol intake by 10 mg can reduce the risk for frailty by 20%.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, May 2023

Exercise: Exercise May Help Counteract Genetic Risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
While some individuals may carry genes that raise their risk for type 2 diabetes, a recent study suggests that getting regular exercise can mitigate much of this risk. In particular, the study found that individuals who met physical activity recommendations of 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise a week had a 74% lower risk for developing type 2 diabetes than sedentary participants, regardless of their genetics.
British Journal of Sports Medicine, June 2023

Chiropractic: Spinal Pain Is Common in Basketball Players.
According to a recent systematic review and meta-analysis, nearly half (43%) of amateur and professional basketball players note spinal pain with the neck as the most commonly affected region of the spine. Presently, nearly all professional sports teams in the United States have a chiropractor on staff to help manage musculoskeletal conditions in their players, including neck pain and low back pain.
Healthcare (Basel), April 2023

Mental Attitude: Too Much Coffee May Raise Risk for Mood Disorders.
Using data from the UK Biobank study, researchers report that consuming more than three servings of coffee a day may be linked to an elevated risk for depression and anxiety disorder.
Psychiatry Research, June 2023

Wellness/Prevention: Can the Bacteria and Viruses in the Gut Help You Reach 100 Years Old?
Examinations of stool samples collected from nearly 400 adults (half age 100 or older) revealed that centenarians had a greater diversity of gut bacteria and viruses than younger participants. While it’s not currently clear if a more diverse gut microbiome promotes longevity, past research has shown a connection between a healthier gut and better immune function.
Nature Microbiology, May 2023

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