Week of: Monday, July 24th, 2023

“Testing leads to failure, 
and failure leads to understanding.” 
~ Burt Rutan

Health Alert: Many People Unaware of the Suicide Hotline.
The national 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline in the United States (US) went live in July 2022, but according to a recent survey, only 13% of American adults are aware of it. Health officials note that individuals experiencing a mental health crisis can dial 9-8-8 from any phone in the US to connect with a mental health professional.
CNN, May 2023

Diet: Heavy Drinking Increases Frailty Risk.
Frailty is a condition characterized by weakness, slowness, physical inactivity, self-reported exhaustion, and unintentional weight loss that is associated with an increased risk for poor health outcomes. A recent analysis of data from the UK Biobank study identified an association between increased alcohol intake and reduced muscle mass, which raises the risk for frailty in old age.
Calcified Tissue International, May 2023

Exercise: Exercise Can Boost Pain Tolerance.
An analysis of data concerning more than 10,000 adults found that physically active individuals have greater pain tolerance than their sedentary peers. The findings suggest that getting regular exercise could be a useful component in a treatment plan to manage chronic pain.
PLOS ONE, May 2023

Chiropractic: Whole-Body Vibration and Neck Pain.
According to a recent study that included 805 working-age adults found that exposure to whole-body vibration for more than 50% of a workday is associated with an increased risk for neck pain in men, but not women. The finding adds to a growing body of research linking occupational exposure to whole-body vibration and musculoskeletal disorders, including neck pain.
Ergonomics, May 2023

Mental Attitude: Low or High BMI May Be Dementia Risk Factor for Women.
An eight-year study that monitored more than 13,000 middle-aged and older adults found that women who are either underweight or overweight, as per their body mass index (BMI), may be two times more likely to develop dementia as their peers who maintain a normal weight.
Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, June 2023

Wellness/Prevention: Microbiome Changes May Explain Increase in Colon Cancer.
New research suggests that negative changes in the gut microbiome may partially explain the rise of colon cancer cases among younger adults. In particular, researchers point to the increased prevalence of bacteria like Fusobacterium nucleatum, which can suppress immune responses and facilitate tumor growth.
American Society of Clinical Oncology, May 2023

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