Week of: Monday, July 3rd, 2023

“A fellow doesn't last long on what he has done. 
He has to keep on delivering.” 
~ Carl Hubbell

Health Alert: Teen Birth Rate Hits Historic Low.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports the birth rate among teenagers fell 3% last year and the teen birth rate has fallen from about 60 births per 1,000 15- to 19-year-old females in the early 1990s to 13.5 births per 1,000 15- to 19-year-old females in 2022.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, June 2023

Diet: Inflammatory Diet May Elevate Risk for Headaches and Joint Pain.
Using data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, researchers report that consuming an inflammatory diet characterized by a high intake of refined grains, added sugars, processed foods, alcohol, sodium, and trans fats is linked to an elevated risk for both headaches and joint pain.
Nutritional Neuroscience, May 2023

Exercise: Qigong May Help Ease Cancer-Related Fatigue.
Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that involves a slow, gentle movements combined with controlled breathing and focused attention. In a recent study, researchers found that participating in a Qigong intervention reduced fatigue, lowered stress levels, and improved mood symptoms in patients undergoing cancer treatment.
Integrative Cancer Therapies, May 2023

Chiropractic: Migraine Patients Often Have Neck Problems.
Patients with a history of migraine headaches often report pain, hypersensitivity, and reduced range of motion in the neck. Past studies have demonstrated that treatment to address cervical musculoskeletal disorders in migraineurs can reduce the frequency, duration, and intensity of their headaches.
Musculoskeletal Science & Practice, June 2023

Mental Attitude: Low Iron May Contribute to Mental Health Symptoms.
Researchers report that iron plays a crucial role in brain chemical production, and low iron levels have been linked to conditions such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. The findings suggest that individuals with mental health conditions and those at risk of iron deficiency should consider ferritin testing and potential iron supplementation.
Current Psychiatry, May 2023

Wellness/Prevention: Women’s Health Screenings and Preventive Care.
As part of a healthy lifestyle, women are encouraged to attend the following screenings: mammograms starting at age 40 and done every other year; Pap and HPV tests starting at age 21 and done every three years thereafter; colorectal cancer screening starting at age 45; annual STD screening for sexually active women under age 25 and for sexually active women over age 25 with multiple partners; and annual skin examinations. For women at increased risk for some diseases or cancers, earlier or more frequent screening may be advised by their healthcare provider.
HealthDay, May 2023

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