Week of: Monday, June 26th, 2023

“Time is your friend; 
impulse is your enemy.” 
~ John C. Bogle

Health Alert: Naps and A-Fib Risk.
Atrial fibrillation (A-Fib) is a common heart rhythm disorder that can lead to stroke, heart failure, and other cardiovascular complications. A recent study that included more than 20,000 adults revealed that regularly napping for less than 30 minutes a day may cut the risk for A-Fib by up to 56%; however, participants who typically nap for longer than a half hour a day have up to a 90% increased risk for A-Fib.
European Society of Cardiology, April 2023

Diet: Full-Fat Yogurt May Benefit Adults with Prediabetes.
Prediabetes is a term used to describe elevated blood sugar levels that have not yet reached the threshold for a diabetes diagnosis. In a recent study, researchers observed that middle-aged and older prediabetics who consumed three servings of full-fat yogurt a day for three weeks experienced a drop in their fasting glucose levels sufficient to bring them into the normal range. The finding runs contrary to usual recommendations for prediabetics, which favor low- or non-fat dairy options.
American Physiological Summit, April 2023

Exercise: What to Do When Need a Break from Working Out.
It’s common for individuals who regularly workout to experience periods of exhaustion, poor performance, and prolonged soreness. When this happens, experts from Florida International University recommend putting workouts on hold and switching to other physical activities you enjoy. When returning to your routine, ease into it and take additional rest days as needed.
Florida International University, April 2023

Chiropractic: Managing a Lumbar Disk Herniation with Radiculopathy.
A recent study found that the combination of Mulligan’s mobilization and neurodynamic mobilization is an effective treatment for improving functional mobility and quality of life in patients with chronic lumbar disk herniation that radiates pain into the leg. Doctors of chiropractic are trained in the application of several manual therapies for the management of lumbar disk herniation with radiculopathy, including those used in this study.
Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy, March 2023

Mental Attitude: Hearing Aids May Lower Risk for Dementia.
Past research has shown hearing loss to be a risk factor for dementia, due to several factors that include depression, social isolation, and reduced mental stimulation. Using data from the UK Biobank study, researchers estimate that untreated hearing loss may increase an individual's risk for dementia by 42%. However, the research team notes that addressing hearing loss with a hearing aid appears to completely mitigate this risk.
Lancet Public Health, April 2023

Wellness/Prevention: Greenery May Improve Longevity.
Following an analysis of data from the 2008-2014 Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey, researchers note that seniors who live in neighborhoods with more greenery not only experience a greater sense of subjective wellbeing, but they may also live longer lives.
Environmental Research, June 2023

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